Friday, March 21, 2014

Developmental Tendencies

Do adults influence the way children lie?

Research gathered through a recent study, done in California, reveals that children can be introduced to the dynamics of lying by adults and their own tendencies involving lying. Children eventually learn the reality of the role, lying, plays in our society and there can be many different platforms where children learn these ways of lying. The common factors that come to mind today would be: Video games, Television Shows, and fellow Peers. As this study proclaims, children that were lied to by an experimenter (adult) were more inclined to mirror the behavior in a different setting. Since the children observed the contract of lying being voided, by being lied to, they felt the need to even the score during the experiment. I find this interesting in the fact that, yes, we all know children learn from their parents but always about what NOT to do. I believe if we can understand the fundamentals of lying and learn to realize them at a young age, lying can be looked upon as a positive rather than a negative. With this realization, through the process of growing up, you would be more enlightened in perceiving Truth and could be more inclined to call out Dishonesty. Just my take on things but definitely check it out for yourself.

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